SYNERGIES brings forward a reference Energy Data Space Implementation that will attempt to unleash the data-driven innovation and sharing potential across the energy data value chain by leveraging on data and intelligence coming from diverse energy actors (prioritizing on consumers, but also introducing the stakeholders of the whole value chain as data owners and/ or providers), as well, from interrelated and coupled sectors (buildings and mobility) and effectively making them reachable and accessible by all interested actors. In turn, it will facilitate the transition from current siloed data management approaches to collaborative ones which promote the creation of a data and intelligence ecosystem around energy (and other types of) data and enable the realization of data (intelligence)-driven innovative energy services.

SYNERGIES aims at re-conceiving data sharing against traditionally bilateral contracting applied in the energy sector and acting as multiplier of the collective data value that can be accrued, shared and traded towards achieving the resilient operation of energy systems through the coordinated optimization of their constituent components (generation, demand, storage) and the orchestrated integration with relevant sectors that can inject significant amounts of flexibility (mobility and EV charging, buildings and heating/cooling systems’ control).